Town Story

by Dusty Cubby

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Recorded Spring of 2018
Mixed by Skylar Bankson
Mastered by Ahren Lanfor
Artwork by @Papergirlofficial

Thanks to Skylar Bankson, Jacob Howard, Kyle Porter, Connor Carmody, Sebastion Scoures, and Hunter Hankinson for gang vocals


released May 10, 2019

Cade Miller: Vocals and Guitar
Danny Schwartz: Bass
Kade Samson: Drums


all rights reserved



Dusty Cubby Seattle, Washington

Emo Pop

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Track Name: Poop, in my Pants?
It’s been two weeks and I’m still wondering why you’ve never called me back
Another drink from this old bottle until I finally collapse

I am still hoping for the day that you’ll come knocking at my door
By chances are, If you do, I’ll be passed out on the floor

I still can’t sleep and I don’t wanna be alone here anymore
Just gimme something less essential and I guess I’ll try to endure

I guess I’ll wait another century until someone else comes close
But until then, for god’s sake

I still think about you
Track Name: Minnesota
Cause It gets Cold like Minnesota
Cold Like Minnesota
You need to stay up out the streets if you can’t take the heat

You need to stay up out the streets if you can’t take the heat
When they say Lil Duque hot, I’m like that’s him or me
(Lil Duque)
Wrists like Minnesota, Trappin’ Coca Cola
Catchin plays Anquan Boldin
Jug out the Hotbox, know that it’s stolen
Large sizes, all types of Narcotics
Wow, got a bankroll in that big body
I love my motorola

Fuck 12 they can’t pull me over
Smokin’ on gas and that odor
Cook it up then flip it over
You must have forgot that we’re about it like soldiers
It’s cold but I got my shirt off
Trap boys can’t fall off
Big sack of Molly Golf Ball
Big sack of Molly Golf Ball
Track Name: Everett
I wish I could Stay, But I feel Disdain
Now all I want to do is stay aside
How could I hold, this place that’s getting old
I think It’s Time for me to say Goodbye

But I’m Still Hoping in the Summer
That I’ll pull everything together

I can’t afford to lose another
Reason to Hold it Together
I’m just avoiding the Pressure
And Wasting away on Whatever

So now I wait, sit and receive my fate
Finally, I hear no more complaints
I can’t sit still, It’s shaking my own will
And Saying whether or not that this is fine
Track Name: I Ate Way Too Many Chicken Nuggets
I’m sailing on a ship through heartbroken sea’s
It’s never a question for catastrophe
I’ll wait until tomorrow to get what I need
Submitted my order, for atrophy

But please don’t mistake
If you’ll hesitate
Some things are meant to replicate
You’ve said it all before
Lying on the floor
Listening to Touche Amore
Track Name: Insecurities
Simple Change, Tragic Lies
I won’t leave until the morning
Barely Sleep, Bloodshot eyes
Please don’t carry yourself too shy

If you see, You might find
It’s not bad when you’re just too kind
If you say, It shall rain
Ranch is going to say No Way

So take the rest of me
And let the sun turn gray
I never wanna stay
Or at Least Stay the Same
Track Name: Seeking a Friend in the 2nd Dimension
Too Sweet, You knock me off my feet
And so surely, I’ll kickback and take a seat
I knew what you wanted
from the moment I saw you standing there
I suppose you think it’s a game
But I assure you don’t be scared

I wonder If I always make it worse
So Pristine, Like the sweetest tangerine
Before I forget, It’s what you always say to me
Is it something that I really don’t wanna see

I might be saying that I’m not that desperate
Track Name: Weird Portland Blues
I woke up in Portland, It’s fuckin’ raining outside
I’m getting kicked out, a lot less than Seattle
The people downtown, are either weird or depressed
From the glasses, or the way that they dress

I thought that maybe, the girls would be kinda cute
They talk like babies, and they don’t look like californians do
But ladies, I’m just as vagrant as you
Waiting to die, 9 to 5

We smoked one too many cigarettes on 5th avenue
We made just enough to go to town, on the value menu
This city’s filled with cigarettes and grief and a whole lot of people

I get the feeling it’s not too different from me
I’m just as weird as Portland, and I’m just as fucking crazy
Track Name: Straw Song
Well I’ve been trying
To figure out something to help with the coping that
I’m losing
All of my hope in the things that I call my home
We’re still here
Looking for ground to firmly plant our two feet on
I can hear
Success in the distance, but it’s still just too compressed

Well I’ve been losing sleep, and I can barely eat
And I stay up late at night overthinking
About the time when I was all alone
When I turned nineteen and I couldn’t come home
So let’s stop the secrets and let’s make it hard
Like that time I smoked weed in Weston’s backyard
I don’t want to be scared anymore
Track Name: Bush's Chicken is frickin' BAD
I wait inside the fold
Goodbye, It’s not that cold

And the season’s never change
So what’s supposed to change with you
Like when you say
I need even more like never before

So when are you going to
Stop spending time with her
And realize that all that you need
Is on your side

I say It’s never gonna go away
So you can go ahead and let this stay
For as long as you need
Just don’t plead guilty

As long as you don’t really care about
What is going on or let it out
Then you’ll be fine, on time

If you’re wondering how it feels
Considering Head over heels
Then let this be, I’ll be back momentarily

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